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Is it necessary a trial before the wedding day?

I am often asked by brides if they need to do a makeup trial before the wedding, and my answer is always YES!

As a bride, the trial is very necessary. Because the makeup on the wedding day determines the bride's temperament. In my opinion, a trial is not only allows the makeup artist to understand your style in advance, you can also get a sense of how the makeup artist works, and more importantly, you can communicate the details very well during the trial and put forward all the requirements, this is a mutual relationship. After having such in-depth communication, the bride and the makeup artist will be a tacit when it comes to makeup, and show their best on the wedding day.

You can think about what style do you like by collecting makeup or hairstyle inspiration, which can help to communicate with the makeup artist and understand your preference.

Before the makeup trial, let the makeup artist know your wedding dress, so that the makeup artist can better create the overall look according to the dress.

After the makeup, besides looking at the makeup in the mirror, it is best to take a few pictures with your phone at different angles to ensure that the makeup is complete.

Sometimes, brides ask how to do the trial if time ro distance does not permit?

In the absence of the choice, we recommend to do a trial 1 to 2 days before the wedding to ensure a perfect look and timing on the wedding day.

In your wedding, whether it's the photographer, wedding planner or makeup artist, our goal is just for your big day!

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