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Hi, I'm Jane


A Makeup Artist based in Paris, France who switched from an oil painting major to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. I specialize in creating natural, generous, elegant and sophisticated bridal makeup for my clients, which is perfectly paired with exquisite hairstyles.

My background in aesthetics has provided me with extensive experience in this field, refining my knowledge of color coordination and developing a keen sense of light. With a deep appreciation for aesthetics and an understanding of color and form, I have discovered my ability to reveal the unique beauty of different women effortlessly.



Through my long accumulated aesthetic skills and observation, I am able to magnify the strengths of each individual face through slight modifications to the details of the face, and create the best makeup for each client to suit their face and personality.

Every job is a brand new creation, which is an artistic creation completed by me and my clients under the premise of trust and aesthetic consistency.

Every make-up creation is based on the premise of amplifying women's natural, generous, elegant, independent and self-confident qualities, helping every client to discover their own unique beauty in the make-up change, and enhancing the overall beauty of different clients themselves through the modification of their faces and hairstyles so that every client can enjoy the beauty of their own face and character in the make-up transformation.

We help each client find their own unique beauty through makeup and hairstyling, and enhance the overall beauty of each client through facial and hair modification, so that each client can feel more comfortable and confident in their makeup changes, and reject the stereotypical makeup of a thousand symbols.

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A happy


I collaborate for various events such as fashion weeks, film festivals, and TV shoots. I also offer services for individuals, including weddings and private events. If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me, and let's work together to create your next unique makeup look.

Being a makeup artist, I think this is the closest job to happiness for me, I have listened to many differences and beautiful stories and witnessed many people's sweet and touching moments. During these years, I am always on the way to make efforts and progress, treating every guest with my heart and giving the most sincere wedding makeup advice.

I can bring joy and and satisfaction to my clients. Makeup artists have the ability to enhance their clients' natural beauty and boost their confidence, which can be a very rewarding experience. Seeing a client leave with a smile on their face and feeling more confident is a great feeling for any makeup artist. 

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