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Let's get to know each other

Hi, I'm Jane, a professional MAKEUP ARTIST and HAIRSTYLIST living in PARIS. I excel at bringing out the natural, generous and elegant delicate bridal beauty look for my clients, perfected with sophisticated hairstyle.


Before becoming a makeup artist, my major was oil painting, and my experience in oil painting brought me a long-lasting aesthetic accumulation. In a moment of serendipity, I was pretty lucky to learn makeup systematically.


For me, makeup is the same as painting, but makeup is about putting color on the face. Being a makeup artist is not only my job, but also my hobby. Because I believe my love will make me do this career even better. Having been a professional makeup artist for many years, I keep learning from the very best and improving the aesthetics of my work. I like to be aware of the latest makeup trends in different regions, such as French makeup , Asian makeup. And I am constantly updating my skills. From being a makeup artist backstage for fashion shows, then a makeup artist for film/theatre, to makeup artist for weddings, I am constantly gaining new experience in different occasions. Due to my profession and personality, I have a strong sensitivity to color and an obsession with details, so that I gradually developed my own style.


Apart from that, I will listen to all your opinions and I will give you the most sincere advice. Because on your we have a common goal to make you look your most beautiful and confident self.


France and worldwide I can bespoke destination wedding makeup service for your perfect big day.

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A Happy Profession

Being a makeup artist, I think this is the closest job to happiness for me, I have listened to many differences and beautiful stories and witnessed many people's sweet and touching moments. During these years, I am always on the way to make efforts and progress, treating every guest with my heart and giving the most sincere wedding makeup advice.

I can bring joy and and satisfaction to my clients. Makeup artists have the ability to enhance their clients' natural beauty and boost their confidence, which can be a very rewarding experience. Seeing a client leave with a smile on their face and feeling more confident is a great feeling for any makeup artist. 

jingjane makeup artist in paris
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